Here's a checklist of the

Necessary content

you need to create a Planpoint viewer.


A rendering or an image of your building

The required format is JPG. The maximum weight is 1mb. Images should not exceed 1800px horizontally.


The floor plans for all floors of your building

You have to separate each floor and import them in JPG format.


All unit layout plans

Each unit or model must be separated into two different files. A JPG file for the plan viewer and a PDF for the upload option. For units on more than one floor, the PDF can be more than one page, JPG images must be separated into multiple files.


The unit list

You must have your unit list with all important information such as unit number, model, size, number of rooms, price, availability, etc.


Optional: interior renderings, drone views, 3D tours, choice of finishes

Planpoint allows you to add images in a gallery and a 3D tour in a lightbox. The gallery is often used to show interiors of units and/or exterior views of these units.

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"Planpoint not only provides us with an easy-to-use platform to present plans to potential buyers and tenants with a unique variety of features that benefits our clients and team. It also enables your sales team to work more efficiently while increasing the speed of absorption of projects in their respective markets."

Benjamin Sternthal, President and Founder — Kodem

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