The ultramodern property portfolio

Serious businesses leverage Planpoint Enterprise 🌍 to showcase all their projects in a singe interface.

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Unify all your properties

Enterprise-wide search

Simplify access to every project and unit with an enterprise-wide search functionality

Advanced filters

Refine your search effortlessly with advanced filtering options, enabling precise sorting based on key criteria such as location, unit type, amenities, and more.

Grid & list options

View your portfolio in grid or list format, providing versatile display options for a quick and comprehensive overview of your projects.

Favorites combined

Mark and manage your preferred units or projects for quick and easy access, ensuring you stay focused on the most relevant properties across all the portfolio.

All the power of branding

Highly customizable

Tailor the interface to match your brand identity with extensive customization options, ensuring a consistent and branded experience for your clients.

Map style

Choose from a range of map styles and themes to create a visually appealing and engaging representation of your real estate projects.

Logos & color markers

Customize logos and markers on the map, providing a visual representation of your projects and properties for easy recognition.

Zoom level

Start the map in a specific area for a more relevant view of your projects, allowing users to explore and evaluate properties with precision.

Envisioned for today's users

Cutting-edge dynamics

Enhance user experience with cutting-edge dynamics that leverage map technology built over the last 15 years for seamless navigation and interaction.

Find directions

Potential buyers or tenants can find directions directly into the map, facilitating a better understanding of property locations and nearby amenities.

Automatic resize

The interface automatically adjusts to different zoom levels, ensuring a consistent and optimal viewing experience wherever users look.

Globe view

Explore your real estate projects on a global scale, offering a unique and comprehensive perspective of your entire property portfolio.

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"Planpoint not only provides us with an easy-to-use platform to present plans to potential buyers and tenants with a unique variety of features that benefits our clients and team. It also enables your sales team to work more efficiently while increasing the speed of absorption of projects in their respective markets."

Benjamin Sternthal, President and Founder — Kodem

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