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Propel your sales and rentals with a modern plan viewer

Share your plans and inventory in real time with your clients.
Easily control and manage updates.
Up to 30 units
Up to 150 units
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Advanced management for your project and your teams

Planpoint features advanced management features such as PDF & JPG plan updates, permissions & roles for different users, rental options, and a developer dashboard to streamline your workflow.

Easy updates for anyone

Non-tech-savvy users can easily update floorplans and unit layouts with PDF and JPG formats, availability, and price.

Permissions & roles

Grant different permissions for different roles: admin & sales teams can edit availabilities and update layouts, marketing & web teams get full design control.

Import Excel/CSV unit lists

Import your unit list and the default information (inclusions, prices, availability, parking, etc.) to speed up the creation of your plan viewer.

Content gallery

With just one click, insert images and plans that you have already uploaded to simplify the creation of your plan viewer.


Built for browsing on mobile & desktop

Zoom on the plans

In order to provide a captivating user experience on mobile devices, users can zoom in on the image of the building, the floor plan and the individual plan of each unit.

New plan viewer interface options

Our team is always hard at work inventing new versions of the plan viewer interface for you to choose from in the near future.


Choose the information you want to put forward


Apply your own branding and your own sales strategy

Change the color scheme

Planpoint's advanced color customization allows you to change the color scheme of the plan viewer using HEX, RGB, and transparency values.

Transform availability, prices and status features into real sales strategies

Convey your scarcity & pricing strategy with the plan viewer by controlling the ON/OFF visibility of availabilities and prices. You can also designate certain units as reserved or unavailable.

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Show your interior pictures and exterior views

Add specific images for each unit. Common use cases include drone pictures to show outside views, interior renderings, and choice of finishes.

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lead gen form

Generate leads interested in particular units

Send leads to your sales team

Your sales team will receive leads in real time. You can also download a .csv file to import into your CRM.

Show or hide the form

Planpoint has a Lead Gen form feature that can be activated or deactivated as desired.


Allow your users to save their favorite plans

Download plans

Users of your Planpoint viewer will be able to download their favorite plans as PDFs in a single document.

Sending plans to the sales team

Users of your Planpoint viewer will also be able to send a list of their favorite plans to your sales team.

virtual TOUR

Integrate 3D visits

Instantly connect with Kuula, Roundme & Matterport

Easily add 3D visits that were made with Kuula, Roundme, or Matterport inside each unit's detail page.

And more awesome features coming soon...

We are continuously working to bring new and innovative features that push the boundary of real estate marketing & sales.

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New construction

Use Planpoint for a complete range of new construction such as condominiums and apartments.

Multi-unit rental

Use Planpoint for apartment buildings, mixed-used buildings, cohousing projects and many more.

Office & retail

Use Planpoint for urban and suburban office buildings, multi-tenanted and single use retail buildings.

Land development

Use Planpoint for single-family and duplex residential projects on land developments.

Self-serve platform

Easily create a powerful plan viewer

Our intuitive platform gives you the ability to build your plan viewer very rapidly thanks to our proprietary online drawing tool. All you need is your building rendering, your floorplans, and your unit layouts.

See for yourself just how easy it is!


We've built what we always needed.

Our team has been in the real estate business for more than 30 years. Together, we accumulate an outstanding depth of experience which helps bring the most innovative and useful features for Planpoint.


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Share up-to-date plans, availabilities & prices

No more inconsistencies between your website and the sales office inventory. Say goodbye to scrapped sales opportunities.