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Editing & Management

Even non-tech savvy users can easily update floorplans, PDF and JPG unit layouts, availabilities, prices, areas, images, and more.

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Team Members

Grant different permissions for different roles. For example, admin & sales teams can edit availabilities and update layouts while marketing & web teams are granted full design control.

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Deep dive insights on your most viewed units. The statistics tool track your most downloaded PDF plans, most requested/inquiries, number of favorites, and views across the whole Planpoint.

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Full Style Control

Customize the look and feel of your Planpoint viewer to suit your project's branding. Change the font, colors, and background of any pre-made template themes.

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9 Viewer Themes

Choose from our beautiful collection of 9 pre-made template themes. Each theme was carefully curated to tailor different real estate markets.

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5 User Languages

Available in English, French, Spanish, German and Chinese (simplified). Save time by building your project once and embed the plan viewer interface in as many languages as needed.

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Lead Gen Form

Your sales team will receive leads in real time, identifying which unit leads are interested in. You can also download a .csv file to easily import data into your preferred CRM or email marketing app.

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Image Gallery

Display multiple images for each unit. Common use cases include interior renderings, real-life photoshoots, and drone pictures for outside views.

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Favorites List

Allow your users to save their favorite plans. Users will also be able to share their favorites list with their friends & family or send it directly to your sales team.

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Unit options

Choose to include a list of inclusions, a description of the unit, the number of bathrooms, the number of parkings and the orientation of the unit.

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Availability options

Easily hide or show what's available in the project and even hide units that are already sold/leased. You can also add a specific delivery date for each unit.

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Price options

Choose between regular prices or starting-at prices. Customize and indicate if prices listed include or exclude taxes or choose not to say.

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SEO indexing

All units in a Planpoint viewer are indexable by search engines. They can appear as independent links on a search result page.

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Unique URLs

Each unit in the Planpoint viewer has a specific and unique URL. You can send a link to an exact plan for marketing or sales purposes.

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API integration

Receive leads directly into your CRM. Seamlessly integrate Salesforce and Planpoint by automatically updating the status of units.

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Choice of Finishes

Showcase your choice of various finishes including kitchen finishes, bathroom finishes, and more to your potential customer.

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3D Tours

Instantly connect with Matterport, Kuula or Roundme and add 3D visits inside any unit's preview page.

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Display any kind of video within the unit’s preview page. Project video or a 360 visit make each page truly interactive.

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Multi-phase Projects

Link multiple buildings together to create a multi-phase project. For pricing purposes, multi-phase projects are even priced as single projects.

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Simple Embedding

Easily embed Planpoint into any website. Planpoint's embed code works with pure HTML and every major website platform including Wordpress, Wix, and more.

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Independent website

Even if you don’t have an independent website, Planpoint provides a unique URL containing your plan viewer so you can share it around!

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"Planpoint not only offers an easy-to-use platform to present our plans to potential buyers and renters, but our team benefits from accessing the data linked to our CRM and it’s a very cost-effective way to update our building’s inventory and open-up new phases without the hassle of involving a web programmer."

Benjamin Sternthal, President and Founder — Kodem

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