Last Updated 24/05/2023

Terms of Service

Greetings from Planpoint! These Terms of Service are significant and enforceable under law. You can access our online application through, and (collectively referred to as the "Site" or the "App"), and they constitute an agreement between you and us governing your use of it. You acknowledge that you have read, understood, and consented to be bound by these Terms of Service by visiting the Site. You are not permitted to use the App and should cease using it right away if you disagree with these terms.


These Terms ofService also include any other terms or documents that may sometimes be posted on the Site. We reserve the right to modify these conditions at any time and without prior notification to you. It is your duty to regularly examine these Terms of Service in order to be aware of any revisions. You are declaring your acceptance of the updated terms by using the Site after we've made any modifications.


So, here are the terms and conditions that apply to your use, your visiting and your browsing of the App:


1. Our Services


Here at Planpoint, we provide a web application with the URL It is software that essentially aids in the creation of a plan viewer of a building or homes for real estate developers. You may quickly create and maintain your plan viewer for your website using our user-friendly platform. Your building rendering, floor plates, and unit floor plans are all you need.


In only 5 easy steps that are listed on our website, you may begin utilizing our services:


  1. Outline your building
  2. Add your units
  3. Define your floor plates
  4. Customize the look and marketing strategy
  5. Embed it on your website


You may quickly and effectively design your plan viewer by following these instructions.


2. Usage


Basically, you must enter into a legally binding contract with Planpoint in order to utilize ourServices, as well as make sure that you are permitted to do so under the laws of your jurisdiction. To use the Services, you must be at least 18 years old. Only a parent or guardian can use the service on behalf of a minor under the age of18. You certify that you have the ability to do so and bind any corporation, organization, or other legal entity that you are using the Services on behalf of to these Terms.


You are required to abide by all applicable laws, rules, and regulations when using our website. You agree to reimburse Planpoint for any losses, expenses, or damages, including reasonable attorneys' fees, that may result from a violation of any limitations outlined in these conditions.


3. User License


3.1 You are given a restricted license to use the Planpoint App on your own wireless electronic devices when you use it. This permission is revocable, which means we can revoke it if necessary. The web app is not exclusive, therefore other people may also utilize it. You cannot gift or sell this right to anybody else since it is not transferable.


The Terms of Service set out in this licensing agreement must be followed in order to use the App.


3.2 Restrictions


You are not permitted to perform the following when using the application:


3.2.1 Don't attempt to disassemble the application in order to discover its source code or unlock its encryption.


3.2.2 Don't alter, customize, or produce any fresh iterations of the program.


3.2.3 While using the application, be careful to abide by all relevant laws, rules, and regulations.


3.2.4 Don't remove or hide any copyright or trademark notices placed by us or the licensors of the application.


3.2.5 Avoid using the program for any profitable endeavors or for any other commercial use for which it was not designed.


3.2.6 You may not use the program to develop a rival item, service, or piece of software.


3.2.7 Do not send any unwanted commercial emails or automated website requests with this program.


3.2.8 You may not produce or distribute programs, accessories, or devices using our confidential data, proprietary interfaces, or other intellectual property without ourpermission.


Basically, stick to the guidelines, don't tamper with the code, and do not use it for any purpose that was not intended for the code.


4. License Restrictions


There are a few regulations you have to stick to when using the App:


4.1 Make no illegal copies of the App, except necessary for backup, regular usage, or security reasons.


4.1.2 The App may not be rented, leased, sublicensed, or altered in any manner.


4.1.3 Without authorization, you may not merge or incorporate the App with other programs.


4.1.4 Avoid attempting to disassemble or alter the App's inner workings unless it's required for compatibility. If you do, be careful to keep the knowledge private, only use it to achieve compatibility, and avoid using it to develop a similar piece of software.


4.1.5 Without our explicit permission, you may not share or give out the App, in full or in part.


4.1.6 Observe all export and technology control rules and regulations that relate to the app and the technology it supports.


These are the limitations that apply to your use of the App.


5. Intellectual Property Rights


In relation to the online app:


5.1 The App is operated by Planpoint, as are all of the source code, databases, software, designs, audio, video, text, photographs, and graphics on the Site(collectively referred to as "Content"), as well as the trademarks, service marks, and logos (collectively referred to as "Marks"). InCanada, they are shielded against infringement by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws.


5.2 The Planpoint app's Content and Marks are offered solely for your own private use and information. Except as specifically permitted in these Terms of Use, you are not permitted to copy, reproduce, publish, distribute, sell, or use them for any commercial purpose without our prior written consent.


5.3 You are aware that you are given a license, not a purchase, of the rights to the Planpoint App. Accordingly, you are only given permission to use the App, Documents, and Technology in line with these Terms of Use and are not granted any ownership or other rights.


In summary of this paragraph 5, the App and its content are our property, and you may only use them for personal or commercial reasons, unless we expressly permit otherwise in writing.


6. Payment Information

We provide a monthly payment plan for using our services. On our website, at, you may find further details about pricing.


We accept a number of credit cards as forms of payment. You allow us (or our third-party payment processor - STRIPE) to charge your payment method for all fees related to your subscription or any other products you buy, including taxes and other charges, by giving your credit card information or other accepted payment method. These fees are your obligation to pay.


We may take various actions, such as canceling or stopping undelivered orders, making more tries to charge your payment method, or using legal ways to collect unpaid amounts, if we or our payment processor have any problems enabling charges on your payment method or if any authorized charges are overturned or disputed. You are responsible for paying any fees associated with your orders. It's needed to maintain your payment method current and functional.


7. Disclaimer


7.1 Warranties Are Disclaimed


The information on Planpoint's website is given "as is" and without any guarantees of any kind, either stated or implied. Planpoint renounces all further representations and guarantees, including but not limited to implicit representations and warranties of merchantability, suitability for a specific purpose, and non-infringement of third-party or other proprietary rights.


7.2 Accuracy and Dependability


The information on Planpoint's website or any other websites connected to it are provided "as is." Planpoint makes no representations as to its correctness, likely outcomes, or dependability. You assume all risk for any reliance you choose to place on such content.


Simply put, we don't make any promises and offer the contents on our website as-is. About their authenticity or how well they will serve you, we offer no guarantees.Please use them carefully and be aware that we are not liable for any mistakes or problems that could occur.


8. Limitations


The use of or inability to utilize the contents on Planpoint's website should not be construed as implying that Planpoint and/or its suppliers will be responsible for any damages, including but not limited to loss of data or earnings, or business disruption. This holds true even if Planpoint or a designated representative had been told verbally or in writing that such harm may occur. Please be aware that these restrictions might not apply to you since some countries do not permit limits on implied warranties or responsibility for consequential or incidental damages.


Simply put, you agree that you will hold us harmless from any losses resulting from your use of or inability to utilize the information on our website. This covers any interruptions to your business as well as data or financial losses. Please be aware, though, that local laws could preempt these restrictions based on where you are.


9. Website Content Disclaimer


It's possible that the information on Planpoint's website has typographical, grammatical, or other mistakes. We make no promises on the materials' accuracy, comprehensiveness, or currentness. The content of this website may change at any time, without previous warning. We are not required to update the contents, though.


Simply said, our website can include errors or out-of-date material. We don't guarantee that everything is true or comprehensive. The content on this website may change at any time without prior notice to you. Please be aware that we are not obligated to keep the contents current.


10. Links


Planpoint has not examined all of the websites that are connected to its own and is not liable for their information or content that you may see included in these websites.Any link does not indicate sponsorship by Planpoint of the website just because it is included. The user uses these linked websites at their own risk.


11. Modifications


These terms of service for Planpoint's website are subject to change at any moment without prior notice. You consent to be subject to the then-current edition of these terms of service by using this website.


12. Your Business Data


We value and respect your business data and recognize the value it represents for your business. Your business data on Planpoint can include leads, various statistics (such as views, PDF downloads, etc.), sales and rental status and more. Without your express written consent, we will not examine or make use of your Planpoint compiled data. Your data will be treated in compliance with our Terms of Service and in a discreet manner.


13. Posting and Publishing on Social Media and Website


For marketing purposes, we could highlight your Planpoint on our social media pages and website. By utilizing our services, you grant us permission to publish and publicly display your Planpoint. This enables us to show a larger audience the potential of our platform.


14. Distributing Planpoint Strategies


We may distribute Planpoint strategies with our clients as part of our community knowledge exchange. This stimulates teamwork and makes it easier to share information. You have the choice to opt-out of sharing your strategies with others. We appreciate written notice, and we will abide by your request.


15. Governing Law


You expressly consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts within your Province or location, and these terms and conditions are controlled by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Canada.