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Outline your floors or phases

Use our convenient polygon system to outline the floors on your building or different phases in your project.


Import your unit list

Use our CSV/Excel template to organize your project's information or enter your information manually.


Outline your units

Use the same polygon system to outline the units on your floor plates or phase plan.


Customize the look & strategy

Exploit our vast array of customization options; from colors to availability and pricing strategy.


Embed on any website

Choose your language and your theme. Copy-paste our script into your website, wether it's Wordpress, HTML or Squarespace.

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"Planpoint not only provides us with an easy-to-use platform to present plans to potential buyers and tenants with a unique variety of features that benefits our clients and team. It also enables your sales team to work more efficiently while increasing the speed of absorption of projects in their respective markets."

Benjamin Sternthal, President and Founder

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