Accelerate your sales and rentals

with the leading interactive plan viewer; used by major industry players like Devmont, Mach, and Samcon.

Trusted by successful developers, property owners, & marketing teams alike

Easy to create & manage

Made for any skill level

Non-tech savvy users can easily update availabilities, pricing, unit layouts, images, floorplans, and more.

Grant permissions & roles

Grant different permissions dependent on role: general updates for admin teams, styling tools for marketing teams.

Powerful & evergrowing features

Enterprise map, 360° project, 3D tours, Windows app, allocations for agents, analytics, SEO and more...

Our ever-evolving platform ensures you stay ahead of your competitors marketing-wise.

Pay monthly, no contract

Eliminate large up-front costs

Custom viewers or selectors are extremely capital intensive. Planpoint skips the up-front costs.

Start and stop when you want

There's no contract to sign and no penalty to stop using the platform.

Customize it for your own needs

9 Templates, 3 Modes

Choose from our beautiful collection of 9 pre-made template themes.

Your Own Branding

Customize the look and feel of your Planpoint viewer to suit your project's branding.

Rapid & dedicated support

We'll walk you through each step

We’ve streamlined the setup to ensure it is easy to follow, but our team is available via virtual calls for any questions during setup.

Increased value

We're happy to use our industry experience to advise on the best strategies and content for your Planpoint.

Integrates into your own website

Share your plans and availabilities on your own website by embedding Planpoint. Planpoint's embed code works with pure HTML and every major website platform including WordPress, Wix, Webflow, and more.

Works with any website technology

Match your project's branding

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For sales, rentals, single-family, land and more

Planpoint is available for use with a broad range of real estate such as new construction condominiums & apartments, multi-family buildings, home developments, land, senior homes, self-storage and commercial.

Fully adapted to the specifics and particularities of each segment

Only one turn-key solution needed for your entire portfolio

View live examples

Doubles as a sales presentation tool

Use our native Windows app for the best experience on Touchscreen monitors and smart TVs. Once sales people try it, they swear by it.

Much more efficient than printed plans

Comes at no extra cost

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Supercharge your marketing

Become and remain on the leading edge of real estate marketing by leveraging Planpoint's continuous R&D of new, useful features.


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Top Features


Top Features


Top Features

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"Planpoint not only provides us with an easy-to-use platform to present plans to potential buyers and tenants with a unique variety of features that benefits our clients and team. It also enables your sales team to work more efficiently while increasing the speed of absorption of projects in their respective markets."

Benjamin Sternthal, President and Founder

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