A state-of-the-art plan viewer makes it easy


How Planpoint goes above and beyond custom web programming

You’re probably wondering this all-too-common question: why not build a custom plan viewer for my project? There are a variety of factors that should influence your decision, and all of these factors will show you just why Planpoint will always beat out any custom plan viewer.

Always up-to-date
Easier and faster
Costs less

Keep your project up to date at all times & give your team total control over plans, availability, and prices.

With custom web development, it won't be long before you find inconsistencies between your website listings and your sales office inventory.

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It's easier and faster to create internally.

Relying on a third-party provider in today’s world simply takes too much time, with too much back and forth. With Planpoint, your own admin, sales, and marketing teams can create a plan viewer from scratch rapidly.

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The total ownership cost is much less.

A custom plan viewer will cost you in the thousands of dollars up-front. Add to that bugs and testing, new onboarding training for every new project, hosting costs and it quickly becomes a financial abyss.

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interface showcase

A beautiful, pixel-perfect plan viewer.


We've built what we always needed.

Our team has been in the real estate business for more than 30 years. Together, we accumulate an outstanding depth of experience which helps bring the most innovative and useful features for Planpoint.


Hear from our customers.

An Innovative CMS For Real Estate

Share up-to-date plans, availabilities & prices

No more inconsistencies between your website and the sales office inventory. Say goodbye to scrapped sales opportunities.